Frequently Asked Questions

Classteacher Learning Systems is one of the biggest innovators in the Education Technology, we intent to simplify thing for you, even if you don't know about us. There are some Questions everyone has when they begin a new relationship, here are some questions and their answers you may have in your mind.

Classteacher Learning Systems is the pioneers in innovative education solutions providers, having a wide range of products, vital for turning a simple classroom into a world class teaching hub. If you are looking for turning your classroom into a smart classroom then Classteacher Learning Systems is the only place where you can get everything under a single roof.

Smart Class is the new concept of classrooms, making them equipped with some amazing tools working with media and information technology. Classteacher's smart class solutions like iDIC, ClassKonnect, etc. are so efficient that it made the process of learning far more interactive and fun for students, enabling them to learn complex things without any real effort and increasing the level of knowledge among students.

IDIC is the premium range of smart boards, IDIC is one combined machine contains one large multipurpose white board, one powerful computer system, with cloud facility, and many other useful features turning a classroom into a great platform.

ClassKonnect is an innovative program from Classteacher Learning Systems, providing vital support to your classrooms giving some really useful tools in teacher's hand thus he can reach each student and assist him in learning better.

Classteacher's Curriculum Library is one huge vault of information opened for you. A product which is the result of 12 years of content development - 2.5 million man-hours, containing numerous iterations and generations of product and over 20,000 concepts, Classteacher's Curriculum Library is one simple solution for every teacher, making his search for interactive solutions for his students.