iPerform Pendrive (Study materials for CBSE and ICSE students).

iPerform promotes self learning, engaging students in activities like homework, revision and even exam preparation.

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iPerform Pendrive Learning Anytime Anywhere

Say goodbye to the time when you had to go online and search through endless pages for learning resources to suit your needs, or to solve a problem while revising.

We at Classteacher Learning Systems are pleased to bring you yet another innovative product offering for students. iPerform Pendrive, helping your child in studying even when you are unable to go online.

iPerform Pendrive comes from the makers of your trusted online learning platform, iPerform. Providing vital support in your child's education when he is at home away from his teacher,s assistance and guidance, iPerform has created a benchmark in online education support.

  • Classteacher's Learning library of over 70,000 modules and question bank of over 70,000 questions available completely in a pen drive for each of the grades KG to 12th standard.
  • No internet connection required
  • Topic-wise, chapter-wise explanations, videos, worksheets, quizzes, and more
  • Awards section containing achievement badges, assessment reports and more to keep students motivated
  • Pen drive is not locked to one laptop or PC, you can take it around with you wherever you go
  • Can be used as a regular pen drive after content validity gets over

Why iPerform Pendrive?

Like all other online platforms or digital learning platforms, you have to have internet access to use the online version of iPerform. But what you will do when you are on the move, or in some remote area, or you don't want your child to waste time on the internet? Having all these concerns in mind, Classteacher Learning Systems has come up with an innovative idea, iPerform Pendrive.

Do I need to have a PC to use it?

iPerform Pendrive is available in two formats - one is for those who have a PC, a desktop, or a laptop, iPerform comes in a pen drive and can be attached to any computer and used. What's more, you can even save your progress on the same pen drive, carry it around and use it on any other computer!

Another one is for those who are always using Android devices such as tablets and smartphones, all you have to do is download the app and you can have access to iPerform Pendrive on your tablet or phone, which you can use anytime you want.