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Makes education accessible to every student according to his/her individual intelligence level and talent.

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Technology, especially telecom and information technology have affected the education industry at a very large scale, changed the whole face and system of education worldwide. Today more and more schools and other educational institutions are involving new information technology into their process of educating their pupil.

Technology, which is totally based on internet and new telecom and computing devices such as laptops, android tablets, etc, creating more interactive environment among teacher and his pupil. Classteacher Learning Systems' Classpad is one of those devices that is playing a vital role in this changing trend of education.


Classpad is basically an educational tablet pc running on highly famous platform known as "Android" this educational tablet is especially designed for students and catering every need of a student. It is an outcome of great hard work and research conducted by the Classteacher Learning Systems' team that works to achieve the target, 'making the task of getting education an easier task for students'.


In short Classpad is one thing that you should buy for your child thus he can achieve great milestones during his academic career and proud you with his wisdom and knowledge and start his journey to the brighter future.